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Yes, that's right, I've finally finished re-making the community ... or what's left of it XD;;; It's kinda dead right now, but I hope this is exactly what we needed.

Anyways, I admit I haven't talked to everyone about this before making this decision. However, all of the people I did speak to voted to completely restart our storyline from scratch. This will allow people to re-vamp their own characters, or drop if necessary. Restarting the plot also opens a lot of new doors for us as well plot-wise. Overall, I do believe this is a good decision and I hope you all do as well.

And to go with the new storyline! We have a brand new Comm to live in! Think of it like moving to a new house, yes we're slightly attached to Konoha Valley seeing as it's been a home to us for over a year now and I know some are reluctant. But really guys? I think the new Comm is not only prettier! It's also more organized and thought out! The story has been altered slightly, and I do believe it's easier to understand and detailed.

Anyways without further adieu the name for the new Comm is:


1 – mystic: occult.
2 – obscure, mysterious, dark.
3- having a secret or Hidden Meaning.

I think it fits better, ne?

So anyways now that that is out of the way it's really time to get down to business....

First Order of Business is:  Players who will be revamping their characters, and all of those who have OC's will have to resubmit their application forms using the brand new form. Not the old one. Everyone else is safe. Although it's highly recommended that you fill out the new sections on the form.  Please keep in mind that according to the new rules there is only two OCs and four Cannon Characters per person. (edit: you do not have to redo your RP samples if you don't wish to)

Second Order of Business: I know some people, myself included will be changing some of my character's LJs so any changes for IC journals please reply with the new journal to the Application post before joining the Comms please.

Third Order of Business: Please join kabbalistic_rp , kabbalistic_ooc and kabbalisticrack and let me know what you think of the pretty user info while you're at it~

Fourth Order of Business: There was a lot of information to be transfered in between this Comm and the next, and well some of it hasn't been updated in AGES so I please ask you to check the information posted here and here to see if it's all correct. If it isn't please comment on the post with the correction to be made. This can include what characters you'll be dropping if any. Or if you changed Character journals ect.

Fifth Order of Business: Please read through the FAQ, the new Rules, and the World threads so you wont be lost.

Okay, I think I covered everything except one thing...

Alright, to give everyone time to revamp etc. I'm going to say that the Comm wont officially be open for new logs until July 21st

Alright guys! Lets embrace the new comm with open arms ne?

I hear an echo

Is it safe to say that we're dead?? Really? REALLY YOU GUYS?! ;___; Someone reply.... Anyone... Loki? Jax? Anyone want to log?

Jun. 14th, 2008

Hey guys Taela and I are having internet troubles. To make a long story short, our neighbors cut through the cable cord and we are waiting for Comcast to dig a new one, and then install the new stuff. Hope to be connected again soon.

Dropping Deidara

Hey you guys.... Is anyone even still out there? HELLOOOO????

This RP is near dead, you guys. It needs an epic large defibrillator.

I'm dropping Deidara because he doesn't do anything and to open up another character. So please remove artisticsin from you friends list.

Can we please become more active?? Please?

Life's a Bitch and Death is its pimp

Alright, the season of death seems to have fallen upon my household too, as well as teachers have  started to hit us hard with last minute stuff, seeing as our exams are drawing near. That being said I wont be as active as I have been in the past. I'm really sorry to those I owe tags and threads too!

So, my characters might not be as active as I would like. And I'm so sorry for that!!!
I'll try to post as often as possible, but I can't promise how often that will be unfortunately.

Caitlyn / Bunny-mod

As soon as I can ensure activity though~ We're kicking the life back into this Comm with a BANG that would make Deidara proud .

Characters affected:

Itachi (x7_bloody_sinsx)
Haku (icecolddevotion)
Keiko (amber_eyed_fox)
Kakashi (xxcopy_catxx)
Yuki (tranquilbreeze)


Hey everyone, Pauline here. I'm going to England/France from May 5th to May 11th so Shikamaru, Sasuke, Shisui, Deidara and Kiba will be inactive during that time.

HOPEFULLY, I'll come back to a buncha replies to all the unfinished posts we have going on here. -WINKWINKNUDGENUDGEELBOWELBOW-

It's-ah Mee! Iruka-sensei!

Suuuu.... yeah.  I'm Psychosis, also known as sadist_dragon here on LJ.... and I've taken up the role of Iruka!  (Cookies to whoever can figure out the joke behind the kowai-sensei name! Though, that probably isn't all that difficult...)  I'm hoping to get to RP here, looking forward to getting into whatever plot you guys have currently going on, and, well... ^^;  Ohayo!


It was around this time last year when I all but vanished, wasn't it?

Uhm.. okay. The season of death has officially started with the first grave today, so I'm going to be painfully slow going. I'm getting roughly a maximum hour and a half of sleep at a time, and making posts a sentence at a time when my brain's un-fried enough to be able to read.

I'm not letting everything drop like happened in '07. I'm here, just think of me as the neighborhood ghost.

Take care, all!

Taken Characters + Character Reserve

Slightly Re-vamped Rules


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